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  • Providing attorneys at NO COST for our members facing Immigration Deportation. We are not affiliated with ANY government agency.

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    In immigration court, having an attorney matters. Legal representation often makes the difference between whether someone is allowed to remain safely in the United States or is deported and permanently separated from their family. However, the immigration system does not provide a court-appointed attorney to immigrants facing deportation. 


    If you are undocumented and you are arrested you will be subject to deportation (removal). The U.S. government will not provide a lawyer for your deportation hearing. To hire a lawyer will cost you anywhere from $4,000.00 to $10,000.00.

    We raise funds for the sole purpose of hiring attorneys for representation at deportation proceedings. This includes master calender hearing and merits hearing. At this time we can only accommodate residents of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

    We raise funds in five ways:

    • Donations from monthly and yearly members

    • Donations from people who attend our fundraisers.

    • Donations from non-member individuals.

    • Attorneys who are willing to work partially pro-bono

    • Our personal funds.

    For a small monthly donation you can become a member of the Deportation Defense Fund and be protected with an attorney at NO COST to you.

    Becoming A Depdef Member

    A membership is for one person.

    We will never ask for your address or location.  

    Your email is optional and not required during signup or donation payments, but most members use a relative or friend's email.

    Follow these steps to become a member:

    • Click the Sign Up button above.

    • Create your user name and password to log in, and write them down.

    • After you are logged in, you can make a monthly ($20.) or yearly ($200.) member donation. You will save $40.00 if you choose the yearly plan.  

    You can donate with a credit or debit card. (yours, a friend, a relative)

    We also accept prepaid visa cards (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.) - cards without an address,  if you prefer that way.

    After your payment, write down your User Name, Member number and our Emergency phone number and give it to someone you trust.

    Don't forget donations every month or every year to keep your membership current. 

    If you are arrested, call our Emergency Number and give your USER NAME, your Full Name(s), and details of the arrest and location. Then we go to work.

    Depdef will use all the resources of Deportation Defense Fund to make sure you have an experienced Immigration attorney at no cost to you.

    Legal Support

    We are against the breakup of families and we strive to assist anyone in this unfortunate situation, but our monthly donors have priority. 

    Donors on monthly or yearly plans can be assured that they will have all the resources of Deportation Defense Fund, and access to an attorney either immediatly after an arrest or before any deportation proceedings.

    Those who are arrested on a criminal charge will recieve a lawyer from the government for their criminal case only. Our attorneys will work with your criminal attorney to examine the best way to handle your immigration status. 

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